Smarthive 400+ XenoSkin™

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    The Smarthive 400+ is an intelligently designed deck case, that serves all the needs of modern card gaming. Not only does it hold multiple card decks and accessories (there's even space for your Digital Lifepad 5"), but it's removable cover also serves as a play-mat, using the extra smooth microfiber inner material of the box as playing surface. The newly developed, extra strong magnetic closure ZnapClaw keeps the case safely closed at all times.

    What this amazing box can hold:

    4 × Sidewinder™ 80+
    or 4 × Sidewinder™ 100+
    or 4 × Boulder™ 100+
    or 4 × 2 × Sidewinder™ 100+ and 2 × Boulder™ 100+

    Dimensions approx. 281 x 190 x 102 mm

     * Digital Life Pad 5" is only available in EMEA and APAC

    Digital rendering shown   

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    Depicted accessories, such as cards, dice or figures, are not included.

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