SPECTRUM Prism Deck Case 100 Cartas

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Umbra Black
Cobalt Blue
Viridian Green
Sunset Orange
Infra Red
Ultra Violet
Pale Moon White
Xanthic Yellow
    The BCW Deck Case LX is a card box built to last and will not let you down. It features a padded faux leather outer shell with a microfiber faux-suede interior. The contrasting stitching compliments its deep color. The durable construction will keep your cards safe from damage and make sure your deck is ready for the next round. Any card game works great in the BCW Deck case LX including Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh, and Star Wars just to name a few. The BCW Deck Case LX is a hearty option for storing and transporting your collectible gaming cards and is sure to impress and intimidate your weaker opponents.

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